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Engaging and Transforming Teams and Training

Happy Team

What !mprov at work does for you:

We deliver unique workshops, training and video that engage and trigger your teams and target audiences.

You can use our Services to:

  • increase the impact of your message and learning through customized, experiential workshops and video production
  • provide fun and relevant skill based team building and development
  • get your team working better together through our action based, group facilitation approach
  • increase your adaptability to change, your innovative output and your potential
  • provide team based activities and an experiential learning component to your events and conferences

Through our unique and alternative approach to team and group engagement and development, you benefit from:

  • Engagement: Captivated Audiences
  • Out of the Box: Creative Elements
  • Positive Change: Go in the Direction you Want
  • Experienced: 12 years in Training and Creative Fields

!mprov at work has over 12 years experience in providing customized Creative Content and Workshops to groups and people organizations in Canada, the USA and Europe.

!mprov at work has expanded!

We have a new training and facilitation called Being in the Moment - Mind Tools for Self Management It is possible to become more responsive and less reactive, and focus attention on constructive action and not inadvertently turn situations or people into “a problem”. Being in the Moment applies very old thinking, for new times. It’s an easy, learn-able way to save time and energy by being more ‘present’, more responsive and more in control. Imagine what that’d help anyone do better!

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Improv at work

!MPROV at WORK Engaging People Audiences and Teams
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