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Improv Team Building

Ever wonder how an improv or film team gets their act together quickly under pressure? Does your team work under deadlines? Is collaboration key to your success? What about creativity and collaboration?

Our experience, creativity and business background provides your team with a lively and unique approach to team building.

We customize energizing and relevant learning and events for teams of all backgrounds and levels in your organisation.

Slate for the Show!

We guide your team through the challenges of learning how to think on their feet and improvise, write and stage sketches around issues and themes, or take on the role of a film crew to produce their own video.

!mprov at work team building programs are excellent because they:

  • are customized to fit your time frame, team, and they’re level of desired challenge
  • reveal secrets from teams in different fields
  • give your team a new perspective on team work
  • foster collaboration, humor and engagement
  • are delivered by professionals and coaches in the performing arts
  • appeal to all ages, genders and cultural backgrounds, the more diversity the better!
  • are easy yet challenging to do: they require no previous acting, writing or film skills or experience

Customer: Canadian Society of Nutrition Management

100 professionals from the nutrition industry were enabled and engaged at their recent annual meeting. We transformed every day work issues into scenarios that enabled this group to write and stage their own sketches. The result, lots of laughter connected to what they have to do, face and manage everyday - a meaningful, fun and engaging way to team build! CSNM

Customer: Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration Government of Ontario

Three hundred people started to talk, share information and think differently about team work, trust and stress. Using information from an employee engagement survey, we designed interactive sessions and facilitated engaging discussions for participants from the working groups and units across this Ministry. This Ministry is responsible for helping new residents of Ontario, seniors and women find, and access help and resources..

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Improv at work

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